Welcome to Privacy Park

Learn. Develop. Grow. Play!


A Message from Our CEO

At Spirion, we are committed to protecting what matters most when it comes to data privacy; in fact, we see it as our calling to help others help themselves as well as their colleagues, customers, and communities. To fulfill this calling, we have to be respected as privacy professionals, which means we have to stay on top of our industry, our business, our skills, and our own understanding of the work we do. We are “contagiously curious,” always learning because we care about what we do.

Spirion’s Privacy Park is where we come to roll up our sleeves and prepare ourselves for the privacy fight. This learning platform is meant to be your primary source of information and professional development. Here, you will find training courses, practice opportunities, forums, and discussions as well as other interactions designed to help you learn more about what we do as a company and what you do as a best-of-breed privacy pro.

Remember, we have collectively promised to be credible data privacy advisors to those we serve—a company made up of people who know their stuff and deliver on our commitments.

Take initiative and lean into this challenge! Remember, true professionals do all parts of the job, whereas amateurs only do the fun parts. Finding time to improve every day is the hallmark of every high achiever. I look forward to joining all of you here at the Privacy Park so we can collectively protect what matters most.